1. This is a wiki for Bat therefore if you don't like Bat then please leave. Also if you don't like Bat then don't make unecessary edits just because you don't like it.

2. No Ship-Warring is allowed on this Wiki. ex: saying that other Victorious pairings such as Bade or Bori are better than Bat.

3. Please be polite to all of the users on this Wiki. If you disagree about something try to find a mature way to solve it or else an admin will take care of it.

4. No spamming

5. No sexually explict content

6. No profanity

7. Do not edit just to get rewards

8. Editing or deleting other user's pages is prohibited.

9. Harassing or threatening other users (especially regarding one's gender, race nationality or religion)

These rules are necessary to help keep this Wiki a safe environment. If you break one of these rules than you will first get a warning and if you continue you will get blocked from a certain amount of time. If you have a question about one of these rules than leave a message on one of the admin's talk pages :)