• Shakeitup89


    July 23, 2012 by Shakeitup89

    I was thinking since this wiki is supposed to be a way for the Bat fans to interact, why don't we take quiz!

    1. What is Your Favorite thing about Bat?
    2. Why did you first visit this wiki?
    3. When or How did you first start shipping Bat?
    4. What is your Bat song?

    So that was short but I wanna know your answers, so please tell me.

    Well That Was the End... until Next Time.

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  • ForeverSummer21

    Best Bat Moment

    March 24, 2012 by ForeverSummer21

    Hey, I'm new on this site, so I figured I would start with a blog...So, just curious, what is your favorite Bat moment? I love when Beck protected Cat in Andre's Horrible Girl. It can be from and or from the show. Another question. What Bat moment made you realize Cat and Beck are perfect together?

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  • Avianabat

    Just curious hehe.

    Two questions:

    • When did you started shipping Bat?
    • When did you started shipping Aviana?

    I started shipping Bat(Also Aviana) when I went in the Victorious wikia, and got on the Bat page and started liking all the moments, and pictures, and fanfictions, and I felt in love with it. Also I got on the Aviana page and I liked it A LOT ♥ To be honest, if I've never got on this wikia(On the Victorious and this one), I would never shipped anything. So, I'm proud to be a wikia user xD

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  • ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie

    Okay, so as of right now Bat has no official song. So I was thinking you can all nominate songs you think suit Bat more than any others you've heard. Then once we have some choices I'll poll it and see what wins. They can be from Beck or Cat's viewpoint, but it'd be even better if it suits Bat as a whole. They don't have to be from the Songs page on here.

    Try not to nominate more than 5 choices each.

    ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie Talk to me! =D 02:09, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

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  • KatyKat20

    I was bored so I made this blog so you can talk about why you love Bat so much or anything Bat and maybe if you want anything else I don't care what it is lol xD So chat away my Batties =D

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  • Kate Ray91899


    June 20, 2011 by Kate Ray91899

    How many people are on here?

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  • KatyKat20

    Ok since as of now there are only 3 of us on this wiki, we need to figure out a way to get more people to come to this wiki! That's the whole purpose I created this wiki! So got any ideas? xD

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